Casting Types

At Quality Non-Ferrous Foundry, we use a green sand casting method because it is a simple and flexible production process that allows for less expensive tooling costs, ease of mold production and reclamation and reuse of molding materials. This results in lower costs and shorter lead times under Quick Ship Program™.



We pour several aluminum alloys including 319, 355, 356, A356, 357, 535, 713, and 771 and can also provide other required aluminum alloys.


We pour several brass alloys including EMS 3-10, EMS 3-10A, and EMS 3-12, and can also provide other grades of brass alloys.

Pure Copper

We are one of the very few foundries who pour pure Copper. Great for electrical lugs, connectors, plating guides, inserts, and ornamental products.


We pour bronze alloys with CDA 865 and 952 being most commonly used. We can also pour 862, 932, 937, naval alloys and nickel silver.


We offer interior and exterior cast ornamental medallions, brackets, hangers, and placards in Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, or pure Copper.

Prototype Castings

We offer quick-ship, prototype castings for low volume or for a pre-production bridge to larger tooling runs.

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